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Benefits of Blogging for Your Company

Author: Pete Langlois/Tuesday, September 19, 2017/Categories: SNI Companies, SNI Financial, Industry Trends, SNI Certes, Industry Trends, SNI Technology, Accounting Now, Staffing Now

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Benefits of BloggingIn today’s digital world, we’re surrounded by new mediums and ways to communicate with partners, clients, prospects, co-workers, and everyone in between. Blogging creates opportunities for companies to optimize their time and their ability to stay relevant. Here are some reasons why your company should consider blogging.

Create Credibility and Become a Thought Leader
Through well written, informative, and up to date blogs, you’ll create credibility among those whom you are trying to communicate with. By researching and staying ahead of the curve, your company will then be seen as a thought leader in the industry, where other companies get insights and ideas from. By blogging accurately and correctly, you can continue to establish your company’s credibility.

Increase SEO and Web Traffic
Organic content, created by your company, will undoubtedly boost your company’s website and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By increasing your website presence, you’ll be creating new business opportunities through repetitive visibility. You’ll also be reinforcing your brand’s presence.

Build Relationships and Start Conversations
Your blog content can also build relationships and start conversations. If you have a particular prospect or client in mind who had asked a question similar to a recent blog, send it to them and get them engaged. You can also reference blogs in conversations that might not normally arise, helping to solidify your relationship with them and build rapport.

Save Time and Be More Efficient
While at first it might not seem like it, having a company blog can help save time and make your work more efficient. When an employee has a question, send them to the blog. When an employee has an idea, ask them to write a blog on the idea. Blog content can also be applied elsewhere such as internal or external newsletters, whitepapers, articles, and more. Steady content can increase efficiency and save time in the long run by being a resource to those you interact with.


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Pete Langlois
Pete Langlois

Pete Langlois

Pete Langlois is Chief Operating Officer of SNI Companies. His blog leverages his decades of experience in hiring, training and retaining top talent and covers trends and issues of interest to employers and job candidates alike.

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2 comments on article "Benefits of Blogging for Your Company"

1/12/2018 8:40 PM

Content is always the king. Backlinks are pretty good also.

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