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What is DevOps and Why is it Important?

Author: Chris Alex /Tuesday, January 16, 2018/Categories: SNI Companies, SNI Technology

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Given we are in a time where software development is bigger than ever, so is the need for DevOps. The term “DevOps” refers to a group made up of two very important functions behind software creation – The developer and the operations. This collaboration is bringing teams together, working towards the most efficient outcome of software improvement. DevOps is presenting a new culture in the workplace, allowing businesses to design and enhance products in a much more organized fashion, which, in return, puts these assets on the market at a faster rate. Aside from these being the obvious reasons that DevOps is important, there are other factors that organizations should consider when adopting this recently popular style into the work place:

Increased Productivity + Decreased Development Time
Identifying efficiencies is a natural win in the development world, as it ultimately speeds up the process, creating seamless ways to eliminate errors. Software integration introduces the servers to automatic updates, reducing the possibility of human error – This allots more time for developers to solve problems that require further and manual research. Implementing this partnership also creates a more streamlined method of filtering information and ensuring it gets in the right hands – The more these teams work together, the stronger the communication becomes.

Performance–Oriented Team
Along with the introduction of this new culture in primarily engineering teams, senior management is also executing a new workplace dynamic in order to make this process a positive one. DevOps is moving the focus to successful performance versus the current single-mindedness on rules and hierarchy. Opening the communication between team members will begin to eliminate the office silos, turning all groups into a more productive alliance – This eventually will reduce turnover rates and increase job retention.

The eventual objective of DevOps is to flourish business value by proficiently delivering products to meet customer expectations, while recruiting new, devoted users in the process. The implementation of DevOps is rapidly growing throughout organizations in hopes to make development as stable as possible across industries. If you are someone looking to grow DevOps within your company, we, at SNI, hope these insights help lead you on the path to success!


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Chris Alex
Chris Alex

Chris Alex

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